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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Lady laments over her sexually abusive grandmother

A pretty lady, has expressed her fears, over her grandmother, who sexually abuses, young males in their family.

She tweeted this, to the trending Twitter retweet question "O jewa ke eng ?"

She wrote that, when her uncle committed suicide he left a note saying that my grandmother abused him sexually and he couldn't take it anymore.

Explaining that, till this day she kept the note and haven't said a thing to anyone.

Exposing her grandmother as an emotional abuser and they have been feeling her wrath,

While they  are all tired.

She further revealed, she started taking up new interest in her younger brother,especially when he takes showers/baths.

She also wrote thus:

"We have 2bathrooms but she always insists on using the one my brother is in like almost always,even at odd hours(as he is trying to change time slots for bathroom use to avoid her).

I'm really scared that she will continue to get away with all this while we suffer in silence. I'm also scared no one will believe me/us. 

I need help for my family honestly. "

Do you think this can be treated?

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