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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Don't marry any girl that has one of these jobs listed here

From the storehouse of paternal wisdom, common prudence guards men against three classes of women: those more ambitious than them, drama mamas and damsels-in-distress. See, there are certain women men won’t touch with a ten-foot pole for the long haul.

 A short romp, yes. A one night stand, yes. A booty call, certainly. But a long-term relationship…well, no my dear Lavender.  

The same goes with certain careers that have men scampering away from certain women no matter how good they prove to be in other departments.

Women in the careers we are about to enlist according to men interviewed are stereotyped to be loose, dangerous, mean, ambitious, intelligent and every trait that men hate or are uncomfortable with regarding women they desire settling down with.

1. ‘Senior counsel and fellow learned friends…’ (Lawyers)

 Of the men interviewed, female lawyers emerged as the most ‘undateable’. And reasons are as many as there law suits and not necessarily of the judicial separation variety.

 Andrew Osiany thinks “the concept of human rights law they are taught in second year gets imparted into them as a life skill, something which can never apply in real life without some adjustments,” says the political scientist. He is not yet done adding that  “every argument is valued monetarily and the competition for this wealth of words is unbearable.”

2. ‘We are cruising at 60, 000 feet above sea level’ (Air hostesses)

Perhaps the most revered lot are air hostesses. They are well travelled, earn good money and everything they have is from Seattle, Istanbul, Jo’burg, St Petersburg…. not Luthuli Avenue or cheap ‘exhibition’ stalls.

Most men speculate, that their constant traveling exposes them to numerous adventures they’d rather not imagine.

3. ‘The man actually bit the dog…’ (journalists)

Men out here don’t have a charitable ‘breaking news’ view of female journalists.  They know too much and are loose balls if you ask the average Joe Public. “Journalists know too much and sleep around too much. Besides they are public figures and that can always get to their heads,” one male sports journalist lamented.

4. ‘One more for the road, tafadhali’ (counter girls)

Bar waiters and counter girls are stereotyped as women of  ‘easy virtue.’ Most men look at bar tenders as either ever ready to augment their meager salary with any man boasting a wallet resembling a small novel.

5. ‘I know more and  more about less and less’ (consultants)

 They sell ‘lies’ according to Joel Ombati as consultants have humorously been described as professionals who  ‘know more and  more about less and less’

“Most of the time, they like too much money and a woman who likes too much money will never have the time to be a woman in a relationship,”

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