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Friday, March 22, 2019

See Photos of how Nigerian Women and Men battle over supremacy in the Bedroom.

My People, it has happened o. Nigerian Twitter is currently on fire and the women are in the lead. Bedroom matters have caused an uprising that emanated from a heavy debate on a programme that aired on a popular Nigerian TV station. Guys fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride because You’re not properly tucked in, you might just land on solid coal tar when the vehicle tumbles.

So Men get in here, advocates of Aisha Buhari have come out to talk about ‘za oza room’, Hehehehe, I’m sure some people are like this right now

Straight to the matter

You’ve not seen anything yet.

The reactions so far have been hilarious and trust Nigerians to take it to the max. It even became a Christianity vs Islam issue. Nigerians where is your chill?

See the reactions below

The men had a field day on this one 👇

So Broda Kasa what are you saying now?

It didn’t stop there, read more

Well done, Mr ‘my wife is a sex machine’. LOL, I can just Imagine Mr Kenneth’s wife right now, “Shebi You will enter this house today”

Some of them even claimed sickness ontop the matter. 🙄

Osheeey Mr Considerate

Mr Sinzu, Sense will not kill you oh. Oya take it

Even Mr Romantic came through

Wait oh, It didn’t end there. This very small matter caused a major wahala. Nigerians know how to twist things.

Which one is this one again? What happens to; Dear Sir, Dear Sister, ..Okay take care Dear, My dear…? Why are people like this? 🤷‍♂️

Another one that triggered a lot of reactions was the issue of celebrating your birthday at a night club

I can just imagine our Nigerian parents right now.


Seriously though does celebrating your birthday at a club mean the worst of you? Our mothers can be overly dramatic, See how they blew up the whole things

See eh, I’m tired. Konji has caused a lot of marital issues. Men if you want sex all the time, marry a nymphomaniac or better still, get help. I’ve even read where men RAPE their pregnant wives. You have to understand that your bodies have become one so if your wife is in pain, you should feel it too and help ease it. Don’t use it as an excuse to cheat and our dear women, try and shake body. We know this housegirl role that most housewives have attained leaves them stressed at the end of the day, just see how you both can settle matters in the other room. I rest my case. If you don’t like it, argue in the comment section. lol!

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